english spoken

our translator ist sometimes google

…but only sometimes. If we needed a really good translation helped us one excellent
connoisseur of the English language.

We have three big appointments in the year:

First: smoking out the winter
Since 1990 always on Saturday after Shrove Tuesday. The participants meet (according to solar state / summer – and wintertime) at 18 o’clock or 19 o’clock on the village square. The local municipality sells torches. The citizen’s master welcomes and the long torch train moves by the village on the upper mountain. There the children throw her torches in the big pile of wood and the winter under the supervision of the fire brigade becomes (successfully?) burnt.
Two links to winter burn:
From a Olsbrücker scoolbook about approx. 1950

Secondly: the big forest party.
It is always on the 01st of May and is already “in company” since 1974.
Start is always with the early wandering more than about 7-10 km. Abmarsch is at 10 o’clock in the railway station. At last the tour goes on the fairground on the upper mountain.
There is in suitable weather a gigantic mood (In the afternoon is also music).Our unique selling proposition: (cake-same home-baked there is the self-cooked soup, however, still in big choice).

Thirdly: Notch/fete/fair.
She is on the first Sunday in October and ordinarily starts with a move with participation of the local associations.Foreign guest associations of the CSG Olsbrücken provide marching musical amusement. Abmarsch is 13:30 o’clock a clock in the brook Rutzen. The move leads through the high street, Wörsbacher street, wooden ditch, cherry garden and then resolves.

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